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Every year thousands of people move to Victoria from all parts of Canada. It's not hard to see why. The average January temperature is 10 degrees celsius, and Victoria has the most sunshine year round of anywhere in Canada.

It's mild coastal climate offers beaches, harbours and numerous outdoor recreation facilities for year round hiking, golfing and sailing. Victoria is west coast living at it's finest, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, it's pristine environment attracts a variety of wildlife rarely seen in other places. Birds, deer, seals, otters, whales, all thrive in a habitat that is just minutes away from downtown Victoria.

This outdoor lifestyle does not forsake the arts and cultural amenities. Victoria is proud of it's symphony orchestra, art galleries and the world renowned Provincial Museum. Neither does the rumour of the "nearly dead and newly weds" apply to its population. In-migrating retirees are well educated, affluent and active, they want to take advantage of all the recreational facilities this lifestyle offers.

Increasingly, Canadians and International business people are relocating to Victoria to take advantage of the superb University, the five national research laboratories, it's well educated work force, and it's excellent commercial opportunities.

Victoria has the lifestyle that says "I never want to leave".

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