British Columbia


The town of Sechelt is located on the Sechelt Penninsula, more commonly known as the Sunshine Coast. Although, accessible only by air or ferry, the area is still part of B.C.'s coastal mainland. A magnificent sweep of south facing waterfront defines downtown Sechelt, offering a beautifully cobbled beach leading to exquisite little Snicket Park which combines wave polished granite ramparts with driftwood & many-coloured pebbles. Treed mountains, cascading creeks and waterfalls create the spectacular coastline of sechelt making the community a photographer's delight year-round.The population of the District of Sechelt is 8,000 and that of the area known as the lower Sunshine Coast is 26,365. The retirement population accounts for about 30%. The climate is chacterized by mild , moist winters and warm dry summers. Temperatures on the coast range from freezing in winter to highs of 30C (90F) in summer.

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