British Columbia

Powell River


"BEAUTIFUL BY NATURE" – Powell River is located at the top of the Sunshine Coast of the British Columbia mainland 135 km (88 miles). Northwest of Vancouver, Jervis Inlet separates Powell River from the Lower Sunshine Coast. To the west lies the Straight of Georgia and Vancouver Island.

The Powell River region of the Sunshine Coast is a year round sea to mountain recreation area and is quickly becoming the place to live and retire for residents from around the world. People have found the area’s carefree lifestyle, low housing costs, and easy access to major city centres the perfect choice for a lifetime of enjoyment by the sea.

The population of Powell River region is approximately 22,000 with forestry, tourism, mining, and fishing as major industries.

The year round temperature average is 9 degrees Celsius and in the summer temperatures range from 18-30 degrees Celsius. The area has a moderate average rainfall of between 101-120 cm with 1400-1900 hours of annual sunshine.

Powell River boasts many recreational activities including camping at Haywire Bay, hiking the Knuckleheads, mountain biking Inland lake or the challenging North Shore styled Tower Trail, experience more than 100 unique diving sites (Powell River is rated the best overall diving destination in the world), golfing at Myrtle Point Golf Course, go salmon fishing with one of the local fishing & boat charters, walk the Willingdon Heritage trail (wheel chair accessible), bird watching, sailing, or try the canoe and kayaking route which is approximately 90 km long.

Powell River also has many attractions including: self guided tours of the Historic Townsite, Patricia Theatre (the oldest operating movie theatre in Canada since 1913), Desolation Sound, International Kathaumixu Choirs, the Village of Lund (the village at the end of hwy. 101), Savary Island with white sandy beaches and warm ocean water, the Coast Salish Village of Sliammon, and Texada Island (the largest gulf island).

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