British Columbia


The South Okanagan

We are the northern most tip of the Great American Desert and we get less than 12 in. of precipitation per year. Yet, the surrounding mountains give us a wealth of skiing and hiking.

Between the lakes in the valley bottom; we produce some of the best fruit in North America and our vineyards and wineries have gained international recognition for the extraordinary quality and uniqueness. We have the reputation of being called "Napa Valley North".

Recreation abounds here, we offer a lifestyle which is the envy of the rest of Canada. Multiples of golf courses, hiking, biking, boating, fishing, shopping, the arts and in an atmosphere which is not rushed but designed to be enjoyed. Maybe we can call that Santa Fa north!

For those who come and wish to stay, we offer very economical multi-family condos to country estates starting frorn the low seventies to the multiples of millions, and everything in between. A very nice 3 bedroom home can be owned here in the $145,000 to $170,000 range.

We offer all the amenities of doctors, dentists, all the social programs and a modern hospital with an extended care wing. We take'care of people in the Okanagan like our own extended family.

We are a short 250 miles inland from Vancouver and about 5 1/2 hours drive on highway #3 -the Hope/Princeton. We are 50 miles south of Kelowna and are the southern most (warmer) end of the valley. Please come and look , explore our part of Canada. Remember "if the weather is bad here ..... it's worse everywhere else!!".

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